1st Class Credit Union - Full Testimonial

Andy Wright

CEO, 1ST Class Credit Union

 Working with the team at CU Apps to build the perfect app to suit our members was a very smooth and easy going process. The team always ensured the features on the app met our specifications and member’s needs.

Dedication to our app was apparent throughout the process through constant communication, answers to any questions and also by CU Apps making suggestions about the design and functionality of the app based on their experience. From the colour of the text to the layout of the About Us page CU Apps ensured we had the final decision on how the app looked and functioned.


Their attention to details allowed us to produce an app we are very happy with. On the build up to our app launch we were working with a very tight time schedule. CU Apps embraced this challenge and assisted us in every way possible to ensure we met our deadline with a product which met our member’s needs. Their understanding of the credit union industry was clear to see, this allowed for open discussion about how the app could benefit our entire membership and the ways it would improve the way we do business. The team were always full of helpful and insightful ideas on how we could incorporate our day to day business into our app to ensure we maintained the same level of business throughout.


We would highly recommend CU Apps to anyone looking to take their credit union to the next level and into the digital age. 

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