The Challenge 

In the digital age, where customers expect more from their service providers than ever before, a gap arises. Members expect credit unions to answer their basic queries 24/7 but also expect a more personalised service. Clearly, these two expectations are currently at odds with each other and no credit union can respond to user queries 24/7.

The Solution 

CU Chat - making digital banking easier, more simple, more personal, and more human
We live in an age not only of increasing expectations but also of advancing technology which can be utilised by credit unions to not only fix this divide but also enhance the experience for members. A chatbot is a piece of software which uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning to automatically and instantly reply to customer queries. 

CU Chat

CU Chat is a conversational AI-powered assistant available to your members 24/7, freeing up staff resources so that you can dedicate more time to the members that need it the most.
We are reinventing the mobile banking experience for credit unions, modernising them to an 'always available' society.
CU Chat can be deployed on all of the channels that credit unions currently use to engage with customers including Facebook, in-app and on their website.

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